Health & Safety

Health and Safety, Training, Insurance and Warranties

Health and Safety, Training, Insurance and Warranties


Health and Safety

We take health and safety very seriously and implement government and ministry-guided safety policies and programs in all we do.  By following and exceeding these guidelines we ensure the health and safety of all our workers, as well as maintaining safe equipment and worksites.



Proper training of our team members is of vital importance to us. We make sure our workers take training upgrades at least every couple of years.  This includes materials awareness certificates, WHMIS, harness training and more.  We also ensure our team is proficient and up to date in all first aid training and CPR, with all requisite certificates.



Mattcon is a fully bonded company and we carry all necessary liability insurance, in fact, $5 million insurance on all projects. 



We are proud to give warranties on all our work, services and products.  Labour – 5 year warranties, and materials – 10 year warranties.

At Mattcon, we always work well within client contract specifications and comply with, and exceed, industry and government health and safety regulations.