175 Bamburgh Circle

  • Garage Stairs
  • Garage
  • Iron Railing
  • sewer
  • Water Drain
  • Water Drain

175 Bamburgh Circle

  • City:Toronto, ON
  • Category:Underground Garage Restoration

A highly respected engineering firm outlined the specifications of this high value condominium project and invited Mattcon to tender based on our company’s reputation in the industry. Despite many variables and extensive square footage of the work area involved, Mattcon’s team of experienced professionals provided a comprehensive budget that resulted in being awarded the contract.


  • 2 levels of parking – 260 parking spaces per level
  • Application of thin system waterproofing membrane to intermediate slabs
  • Concrete repairs
  • Expansion joints using Wabocrete &tratrade;
  • Multiple drain replacement
  • Stairwell repairs including installation of heating, cable system


  • Complex coordination, scheduling of work and re-routing of traffic required for safety
  • Necessary to relocate residents’ parking areas
  • Multiple phased project


  • Successfully evacuated 50 - 60 parking spaces at a time
  • Safe, professional and effective completion of work, fulfilling all contract specifications with minimal disruption to residents
  • Complete client satisfaction resulted in additional projects