50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle

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50 Kingsbridge Garden Circle

  • City:Mississauga, ON
  • Category:Underground Garage Restoration

A high value underground garage restoration project was successfully completed at this luxury highrise condominium complex.  Detailed excavation specifications were followed throughout the project with all excavations successfully completed according to MOL guidelines. 


  • 2 levels of parking – 260 parking spaces per level
  • Stairwell repairs
  • Multiple drain replacement
  • Application of Mastic waterproofing membrane to intermediate slabs
  • Concrete repairs
  • Expansion joints installation


  • Necessary to shut down stairwells for work to commence. Because of fire and emergency guidelines, only able to shut down a few stairwells at a time. Vitally important to comply with safety, fire and emergency regulations
  • Substantial amount of fencing and landscaping to be removed in order for work to be undertaken.


  • Complied with all safety, fire and emergency regulations and ensured stairwell shutdown was managed in regular stages
  • Successful completion of all concrete repairs, expansion joints and Mastic waterproofing membrane throughout underground garage
  • Project completed on time and on budget with client satisfaction guarantee