260 Scarlett Rd

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260 Scarlett Rd

Property Management Company: Wilson Blanchard

  • City:Toronto, ON
  • Category:Window Installation

Mattcon takes pride in the fact that the company was invited to bid on this high value project as a result of the successful completion of the window installation project at 250 Scarlett Rd., Toronto, ON.


  • 20 storey residential building with 260 units
  • Combination of windows and patio doors in each of the units
  • Full replacement of all windows and patio doors on all 20 floors


  • Privacy issues are involved in window work as it typically interferes with people’s everyday lives
  • Required substantial moving and rearranging of furnishings, beds, pianos etc. within many units
  • Messy, dirty job – lots of debris that had to be cleaned up.  Have to return living conditions to pre-work standards


  • Construction crew respectfully and diplomatically worked with residents to ensure privacy was maintained throughout duration of job
  • Safe and effective replacement of all windows and patio doors in all units on 20 floors
  • Superior service, high quality work, top of the line products, combined to exceed contract specifications to client satisfaction